Sunday, 12 May 2013

Dulwich festival – part 2

I have been to East Dulwich today, to have a look at what was going on at Dulwich festival….What a surprise! I didn’t really expect it to be so well organised. There were a lot, A LOT of stalls, the food section looks delicious (I forgot my wallet and perhaps that was a good thing) and on the other side it looked like “Children’s paradise”. Anyway, get ready because I have a bunch of pictures to show you, enjoy!
Anyone who is thinking of going….you should definitely do it, it’s worth your time!


Dulwich festival
Dulwich festival
Dulwich festival
Dulwich festival
Dulwich festivalfest29


Good night!

Saturday, 11 May 2013

Crafty space inspiration - Part 1

Happy Saturday! 

Last night I've taken a tour (on the Internet) of crafty spaces around the world and it was so inspiring!

I wish I will manage to set up my own space, possibly as nice (and as tidy...) as these, they are all so beautiful and if I had to choose, I know I couldn't. 
When I look at the pictures of these spaces and then I think about the corner where I sew,'s not really the same. Who knows me knows how messy I can be and it happened in the past that I found myself in the middle of the room, with the floor covered in all sorts of things: scissors, fabrics, threads, buttons, ribbons and so on. But at the end of the day, when you managed to make something beautiful out of your sawing machine and your hands, the satisfaction that you feel is way over the thought of cleaning up the mess after it.

Anyway, now I will take you with me in these amazing places, here are some of my favourites:

This is the beautiful crafty space created by Jennie from Craft-o-maniac (only 20$ to make this beautiful paradise corner!). She wrote a post as a guest on Poofy Cheeks and you can find it here.

I found these two pictures on push-pins, they are originally from Vintage Cottage French but unfortunately I couldn't find the page.

The Patchwork Pottery

This little corner, found on Chez Larsson, is one of my favourite because it's simple and organised, but it still looks special.

I better go now, I am going to have a super Italian breakfast with a friend, yummy!!

Have a great weekend :)


Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Dulwich festival!

This weekend is the beginning of Dulwich festival and I can't wait to go! There are many events in the programme, from walks in the park to concerts and the beautiful "open house" where you have the chance to actually walk in the artist's atelier/house. It's very exciting and this year I am not going to miss it!
I just have to make a plan because there are so many things to do and see....I need to check it on the website:
Here's some pictures from the previous editions that I found on the Internet:

I would like to go and see Sally Nencini's works, they are lovely (this last picture, for example). Apparently she will participate this yeas too, so I hope to get the chance to see her works from real and not only in pictures!This is her amazing website, have a look:

Goodnight, wherever you are reading this from :)