Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Dulwich festival!

This weekend is the beginning of Dulwich festival and I can't wait to go! There are many events in the programme, from walks in the park to concerts and the beautiful "open house" where you have the chance to actually walk in the artist's atelier/house. It's very exciting and this year I am not going to miss it!
I just have to make a plan because there are so many things to do and see....I need to check it on the website:
Here's some pictures from the previous editions that I found on the Internet:

I would like to go and see Sally Nencini's works, they are lovely (this last picture, for example). Apparently she will participate this yeas too, so I hope to get the chance to see her works from real and not only in pictures!This is her amazing website, have a look:

Goodnight, wherever you are reading this from :)

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