Sunday, 3 February 2013

New felt brooches!

Hello Sunday!
I haven't been very active online this week, but I have been doing some pretty things!
I had to cover my collegue, who was in Spain and this meant that I had to start at 6 am! So I went to sleep very early every night....hopefully from Monday I will start at 7 again. I know it may seem as early, but it makes a huge difference to wake up at 5:30 instead of 6:30....but anyway, I like waking up early (ok, maybe not at 5:30, but still....).

I did some new felt brooches :) Since I received my first Etsy order, I really wanted to do something out of all those beautiful felt sheets. I was looking for something easy and quite plain and I thik these little flowers are perfect, just what I had in mind.

As always, they are on sale :)

The background of these pictures is the beautiful woolen round-necked scarf, made by my mum. I wrote a post about that you can check here.
I hope you liked my new brooches and I hope you are having a lovely week end,

ciao ciao

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