Sunday, 30 June 2013

Sewing machines

It's been one and a half month since my last post....I know, it's a long time, but, in my defence, I spend 8 hours in front of the computer every day in my new job and when I get home I don't really feel like switching on the computer again. On top of that, add that my sewing machine is still broken.....

Anyway, I have been looking everywhere for the missing piece for my sweing machine, I didn't have luck so far, but I did find a jewel in the heart of Brixton. It's an amazing shop that sells a huge variety of fabric at a very affordable price! I really had to make an effort not to buy all the fabrics I saw, because I would end up with a broken sewing machine and a room full of fabrics! I canĂ t wait to go back to sew my lovely little purses and make up bags....

The shop is called Simply Fabrics and it's really worth a visit if you're around.

I was looking for sewing machines on the internet, you know, just in case....and I found these lovely ones from Tula Pink:

Pretty sewing machine

Pretty sewing machine

Pretty sewing machine

My favourite is the first one, but I find all of them very cure.

I have to get ready, we are going to see a couple of flats today!

Ciao ciao

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