Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Recycled can: how to make a beautiful lamp

If you are Italian like me, or if you just like pasta a lot, you probably use many many tomato sauce cans, just like me :)

I kept a few, so that I could recycle them and make something nice and since my sewing machine is still hopelessly broken, I decided to make a nice lamp. 

All you have to do is deciding a pattern and drawing it on the can with a pencil. Then you have to find something with a quite sharp end, but not too sharp, and start making holes, while trying to keep the can straight. It's not as easy as one might think, but it's doable. When you have all the holes, light a candle and place it inside the can, the result is very sweet!

This is the one I did :)

Recycled can: handmade lamp

Recycled can: handmade lamp

Recycled can: handmade lamp

I think you can clearly see that this is my very first attempt, but I really like it and I think that it would look even better if I cover it with paint. I'll post some pictures later, so we can decide which version is better: "raw" or painted.

Oh! I almost forgot! When you place the candle inside the can you should leave the can where it is, because it tends to get very hot very quickly, so be careful!

Hope you enjoyed it,


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