Monday, 10 December 2012

Handmade corner bookmarks

Good evening everyone,
this is a cute handmade bookmark and it's very very easy to make.
I was preparing a tutorial, but the pictures came out all blurred...I'll post them anyway, but you can find a tutorial with proper pictures here.

Start by drawing three squares as shown below (mine measure abut 5 cm/ 2", but you can make yours bigger or smaller, as you prefer):

Then transfer the shape to a coloured paper:

Cut a square, in a different colour. This square should be slightly smaller than the base:

Glue the squared paper to the main one and fold the two triangles:

Glue the second triangle to the first, as shown in these pictures (do not glue the first triangle to the squared base, that's where the page corner is going to be slip on):

Finally, add eyes and yellow teethes to give it a face:

Et voilĂ , you now have a cute monster bookmark!

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