Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Felt felt felt part II

Good evening everyone,
my very first order from Etsy arrived few days ago and I am very pleased with it :)
I ordered 20 felt sheets from Margaret who has a shop called ILOVEfelt88, you can check it here.
I already started to do something with it, but I'll tell you more once I will finish it and have pictures to post.

I now work early in the morning (I start at 7am!!) so forgive me if I stay away from my little corner of the Internet for days. I am also working as private teacher in afternoons/evenings, so I am quite busy.

Here, some pictures of my order, she also put some samples, I was so happy about it! I don't know if that is something that every Etsy seller does, but I found it very sweet :)

 Good night from snowy London!


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