Thursday, 17 January 2013

New handmade felt brooches

Good evening,
I'm so sorry I haven't posted anything in almost one week...I don't really have an excuse for that, I've just been lazy I guess...
Anyway, here I am.
I was sitting at the computer yesterday and the desk was covered in was just a mess and then I glanced at the mug I use as a pen holder and it made me laugh, have a look:

It's so true, this is a wise mug!!

Ok, now back to the serious stuff. I made few more felt brooches...I like to make them because they're quick to make, quicker than purses and poches for example, so when I don't have a lot of time I just make a felt brooch. I have to say, I am getting better in making it :) 
I ordered on the Internet 24 felt sheets of 24 different colours, so I am just wait for my order to arrive and then I'll do a lot more brooches!

handmade felt brooch

handmade felt brooch

handmade felt brooch
handmade felt brooch

handmade felt brooch

handmade felt brooch

Hope you line these!
On February the 2nd I will be at Spitafield markets in London!!
I'm looking forward to it and I'm looking forward to seeing you there :)

Speaking of London, here's what I found walking around London Bridge area

Isn't it beautiful? I loved it when I saw it, and I love more the fact that I found it ramdomly.
Well, it's time to bed now, good night everyone,

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